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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Dogs Barking at Night Make Me Hulk Out

Here is an IM conversation with a friend at work about me going off on a neighbor last night about their damn yappy dog (mind you, I love dogs, it's their owners that can be jackasses).

monkeyman_3d: i had to tell a neighbor last nite to shut their damn dog up
monkeyman_3d: they have a lil yappy dog, and they let it out early in the morning and late at night, the dog just stands out in the back yard 'bark bark bark bark bark bark bark...'
monkeyman_3d: 10:30 at fuxn night, mind you.
monkeyman_3d: this goes on for about 10 minutes, so i finally go out there, jump up on the fence, the lady who lives there was just sitting in her living room. so i shine a flashlight right in her face, she comes to the back door, says 'What?'
monkeyman_3d: I tell her, 'Can you not hear your dog barking? This happens a lot and is starting to get old'
monkeyman_3d: she says, 'oh, he doesnt do that very often' and at that point, i nearly freaked out. but instead i say 'every day lady... almost every day... I tell you what, it happens again, i'm gonna record the barking and call Animal Control, i'm sick of it.'
DM: haha---that's my neighbor's dog too. if i could hear it in bed over the a/c, i would have to tape its mouth shut
monkeyman_3d: 6:30 in the morning, after 10pm every night
DM: that's funny that you shined on her right in her house. i'll bet you'll be friends forever now!
monkeyman_3d: the thing that pissed me off the most is her just sitting there, watching tv while the dog is going off. it's a small dog, so of course the loudness of its bark is inversely proportional to its size. i dont think it even stops long enough to take a breath
monkeyman_3d: yeah, fux her
monkeyman_3d: it was one of those big ass flashlights, too. i spotlighted her sorry ass
DM: actually our dog acorn does that. not solid 10 minute intervals, but a couple minutes at a time just staring at the fence or up at the sky. i'm not sure what in the hell she's barking at, but we have to make her stay inside after about 9:30.
monkeyman_3d: yeah, i dont really care if it's during the day, dogs will be dogs, but if it wakes me up in the morning, aaaaahhhh snap!
monkeyman_3d: i'm gonna fux her narrow chain smoking ass up next time
DM: hahaha
monkeyman_3d: she's lucky i'm not mean to animals, or i'd get out the water hose and spray that lil yapper down
monkeyman_3d: or wait till her or her hubby comes to the back door, then hop up ninja style on the fence with the water balloons.
DM: heehee. i just sent an email about ninjas. ninjas are everywhere
monkeyman_3d: yes they are


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